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  1. CCTV Survey
    CCTV Survey
    Involves a survey of the external network of waste pipes surrounding the property; a full report and DVD footage are included in this service. The function of this survey is to offer peace of mind and highlight any preventable of current issues
  2. Drain Patch Repairs
    Drain Patch Repairs
    This is a no-dig technology which enables us target and repair specific joints and defects on a drainage or sewer system without the need for costly excavations.
  3. Internal/External Unblocking
    Internal/External Unblocking
    This is generally a straight forward process of removing blocks from pipes or deposit build-ups at man-hole or adjoining points. This includes using a range of "tools" including rods, high-power washing and chemicals.
  4. Installation and Repair
    Installation and Repair
    We are fully equipped to excavate specific regions to remove and replace waste lines beyond repair. We also plot and lay new lines on both domestic and commercial sites
  5. Soakaway Line/Cell Installation
    Soakaway Line/Cell Installation
    A simple way of dispersing surface and storm water where regions are bogged, water build-up spots or where connection to the Surface Water system is impractical or unwarranted.
  6. Excavation & Bulk Removal
    Excavation & Bulk Removal
    We also provide a general excavation (land-levelling) and soil-removal service; this also aligns with our installation services
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