A.J.M Landscaping

It’s rare to find an occupation that excites and inspires – In this respect I consider myself lucky. Born in Scotland, I decided to buy a house here 5 years ago with my family before deciding to move to Plymouth (Glenholt). I work independently and alongside a select few of trusted and qualified employees. 

Holding 18 years’ industry experience, I consider myself competent with exceptionally high standards; instilled in my company is a deep sense of quality craftsmanship for a decent price. We maintain a professional, courteous and skilled service at a competitive rate. In recent years we have began to integrate a drainage service to enhance our portfolio and expand our presence. 

Moreover, an integral part of my company is developing and maintaining a good rapport with customers; establishing an effective aftercare and work guarantee with all projects aids this process. We don’t simply complete the job and that’s it – reputation is everything in this industry!  

To this end, we seek to include all clients - regardless of budget - to create something lasting, superior and beautiful. To serve as a positive influence within the community to generate a living for myself whilst transforming landscapes for my customers.

If you have any questions, wish to know more or require any of our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us – no obligation!

Best wishes,

​Andrew Muir - Owner

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